Developing Your Card Ministry: Share Hope

People all over the world are struggling with fear – fear of flying, opening their mail, sending their children to school, even going to the mall on holidays.  Researchers tell us that the events of recent years have made people more apt to seek comfort in home, patriotism, and “what really matters.” 

Many people deal with their fears by longing for simpler times, for “home and hearth,” and for qualities such as neighborliness, nationalism, courtesy, and graciousness. 

While all those are admirable characteristics, they will never provide lasting peace and security.  The only place we can turn to for true peace, joy, comfort, and the assurance of eternal life is, of course, Jesus.

As you develop your greeting card ministry, allow the Lord to bring people to your mind who need direction during these troubled times.  Don’t be surprised if you think of someone you haven’t seen for a while, or even someone who appears to have everything together.  That’s a “Holy Spirit nudge” – God Himself directing you. 

You may know a child who needs some extra love and attention.  Or maybe an older person facing the uncertainty of their final years – perhaps not knowing Jesus.  Or maybe a co-worker who seems distraught and on edge.

You can send a note of encouragement that shares your own feelings.  Be honest.  If you struggle with fear, admit it – but share how the Lord helps you through it.  Share Scripture verses that have been meaningful to you, or words of comfort the Lord has given you. 

These can be the “worse of times,” but they can also be the “best of times.”  People are asking questions – and you have the answers for them!

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