Know someone who needs to lean on the Rock?

Rocks are solid, sure, unmovable. Whether they are part of a strong formation like the Rockies, the awesome depth of the Grand Canyon, or the rugged beauty of the Badlands, we somehow know that they are here to stay.

David celebrated that reality by picturing his God as a Rock—offering a certain salvation, strength, hope, and yes, even inspiration. David spent many years running from a wicked king and hiding in the rock formations of Israel that provided fortress-like protection. Those rocks would prove to be his salvation. For those who feared wild beasts or beast-like robbers, a well-placed chunk of limestone could be a lifesaver.

As we face life’s difficult circumstances, God is our Rock. In Him we hide. We trust in Him, knowing that He is immovable, unshakable, standing forever. As the mountains provided safety for David, so God helps us in our time of need, providing a safe place. Nothing can hurt us when we are standing on our Rock of sure salvation.

“The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God, the Rock, my Savior!” (2 Samuel 22:47 NIV).

Excerpted from Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart: Daily Devotions From the Greatest Praise and Worship Songs of All Time, Songs 4 Worship series (Integrity Publishers, Reprinted with permission.

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