Enhancing Your Marriage Bible Study

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Following God Christian Living Series

Enhancing your relationship with your husband ...  Begins by enhancing your relationship with the Author of Marriage -- Jesus Christ.

Being in a love-relationship with Jesus Christ can't help but influence our love-relationship with our spouses. Jesus will see to that. He calls us to Himself and lovingly begins to retool our souls. Much of this work takes place in the workshop of our marriages.

Enhancing Your Marriage, A Women's Bible Study, encourages married women to examine where they really stand regarding the commitment made to their two covenant partners - Jesus Christ and their husbands. Women who read Enhancing Your Marriage will also discover the Creator's intent for the holy institution of marriage; what His definition of love is and how that compares to what they have been taught about love. Frank talk about sex and sexuality is addressed, and advice is given for rekindling flames of romance in seasoned marriages. Through this challenging Bible study, wives of all ages are called to examine their attitudes about love and marriage as they relate to truth found in God's Word.

Women taking this study will find guidelines for dealing with the following marital issues:  anger, denial, divorce, guilt, intimacy, sexual sins, forgiveness, romance, and submission.

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