Bette's Box of Blessings - Praying For Discernment

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In today’s world of social media and 24/7 news, we have more things competing for our attention than ever before.  We have the urgent pulling us away from the important.  We have molehills turning into mountains.  We have one crisis after another that demands our attention…even though we may not have any influence over the outcome.

It seems that every decision we make requires discernment.  The Oxford Dictionary defines discernment as the ability to judge well.  Merriam-Webster says it’s the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.  I like to think of it as being similar to wisdom.  That’s why I choose Colossians 1:9 as this month’s theme verse:

“For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you, asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.”

Paul’s words to the Colossians is just how I pray for you!  I pray that God will fill you with the knowledge of His will, through spiritual wisdom and understanding.  So, this month’s Box of Blessings is focused on prayer as a path to discernment.  Let’s take a look at the blessings in this month’s Box…

From global tragedies to interpersonal conflict, it can feel like the only choice you have is to hunker down and try to survive.  In All That’s Good, Hannah Anderson invites you to embrace discernment as part of God’s work of redemption.  By learning to see the world as He sees it – in all its brokenness and beauty – you’ll learn to navigate it with confidence and hope.  “Discernment does not change the challenges we face; it changes our ability to face them.”  That is exactly why Solomon requested from God the ability to know between good and evil.  He asked for discernment.

If one of the wisest men in the world asked God for discernment, shouldn’t we?  Start With a Prayer is a guided journal that will help you grow in your prayer life and your faith.  With inspiring devotional prayers and encouraging scripture, this journal can really help you start each day in conversation with the One who loves you most and then document those same moments. 

The lovely devotional collection Nevertheless, She Hoped – Inspiring Devotions and Prayers for a Woman’s Heart is beautiful inside and out and would make a wonderful gift.   As you reflect on each hope-filled message, this sweet book helps you discover a deeper understanding and love for the Hope-Giver Himself. 

I love the set of coasters that say, “Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go.”  (Genesis 28:15)  What a great reminder for when you have guests over for a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea.  Better yet, you could combine the set of coasters with either Start with a Prayer or Nevertheless, She Hoped for a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

When your prayer life begins to overflow to others, Prayers to Share is a great way to show people you are praying for them.  Calm in the Chaos contains 100 pass-along notes to show people how God can bring calm to our current chaos.

There are six assorted Christian greeting cards in this box as well.  Two birthday, one thank you, one get well, one friendship, and one encouragement card.  Each card contains a Bible verse and a positive message that points the reader to the Lord.

May the contents of this month’s Box of Blessings give you a sense of peace and encourage you to pray for discernment in every decision you make…whether it be big or small.

As I close, I want to quote the words from the encouragement card in this month’s Box:

“This day, may you be surrounded by God’s love, blessed by His peace, and filled with His abundant joy. Thought of you today and prayed that all of God’s sweetest blessings would be yours.”

Praying for God to fill you with the knowledge of His Will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding,