Chosen for Christ: Stepping Into The Life You've Been Missing

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We all want to be chosen for something or someone--to be picked, set apart, wanted. And too often, we live out of the rejections of our lives, rather than the ways we've been chosen. Even after we've found our marriage partner, dream job, or hard-earned accolade, we can't seem to escape that longing, that desire to feel chosen. That's because you were chosen by an extraordinary God to live an extraordinary life, and Jesus is calling you deeper. In Chosen for Christ, Heather Holleman walks you through seven invitations that mark the life of those who know they are chosen. If you're tired of scrambling, striving, and scheming to feel like you've done enough, it's time to ask this question: How would you live differently if you truly understood that you are already chosen, for this life, for this moment, for Jesus?

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