Church Songs CD

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Vertical Church Band

Vertical Church is a collection of people who play every week in places all over Chicagoland as part of a church that believes singing isn't a warm-up for the sermon; singing is a warm-up for heaven. The heartbeat of the Vertical Church Band is the local church.

Church Songs was designed with that one end in mind: to serve local church worshipers with singable and accessible songs.

Track Listing:
  1. All the Earth
  2. Do What You Want To
  3. Lamb of God
  4. Spirit of the Living God
  5. Psalm 96
  6. It's Who You Are
  7. If I Have You
  8. Shout It Out
  9. Come Ye Sinners
  10. None Like You
  11. Restore My Soul
  12. Bound For Glory