Jesus In The 9 To 5

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Facing The Challenges Of Today's Business World

Would you be delighted if at work each day you knew you would work shoulder to shoulder with Jesus Christ? Or, would it be overwhelmingly intimidating to be working for someone who knew your every thought, your every move, your every ambition?

Jesus in the 9 to 5,  actually allows you to step into a 21st century company being run on a day-to-day basis by none other than Jesus Himself.

Along with the scenario of Jesus running a company, this book by motivational speaker and author Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, also provides insightful chapters on life management skills, as drawn from the teachings and actions of Jesus. You'll be shown how to improve your time management practices, your communication abilities, your goal setting and long range planning skills, and even your sales and outreach talents.

With wit, wisdom, and continuous momentum, this book reveals specific ways in which you can enrich your life, expand your personal and business horizons, and add new vitality in reaching your goals and aims in life. It's also just a lot of fun to observe Jesus in action as the director of a contemporary business operation. So, clock in. Your first day on the job with Jesus is set to get started.

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  • 184 pages
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