The Jesus Dare

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In this book, Bestselling Author Jay Payleitner explores the claims and promises Jesus made and invites readers to discover the truth for themselves in this easy-to-read book. Used as a discipleship tool, this book is perfect for all who long for deeper meaning and purpose, opening up the door to the possibility that Jesus loves and cares for all.

Sample copy:

"The idea that you have to "clean up your act" before approaching a relationship with Jesus is closely related to another obstacle to seeking His guidance in your life. And it makes me angry.

Way too many people look in the mirror every morning and don't like what they see. This self-defeating mindset may be one of the great lies permeating today's culture climate. Especially with our young people.

I'm not talking about physical beauty, although that may be a contributing factor. I'm talking about the feeling of self-loathing or hollowness that leads otherwise healthy people to an epidemic of depression, hopelessness, and paralyzing fear. A sense that they just don't matter. They have nothing to contribute. Nothing to live for. In a word, unlovable."

Product Specifications:

  • Jay Payleitner's The Jesus Dare
  • Softcover
  • Published by DaySpring