What Do I Say?

Q:   My friend has been through one thing after another.  We’re at the point where all we can do is laugh about it.  What can I tell her?

A:   Humor in midst of trials will help your friend be an overcomer, rather than be overcome by what she’s going through. You can always try to keep her laughing but also remember to remind her of the truth of the Scripture “Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Ephesians 6:10 NIV).

You can say something like this:  “Jeanette, I know you’re going through a tough time, but remember that God is more interested in your growth than in your comfort!  Truthfully, that’s not something I like to hear, either, but comfort is short term, and growth is for the long term.  Even when God’s timing and answers are different than ours, He still has our best interests in mind because He loves us so much.  I love you, too!”

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