Christ Be Glorified CD

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As unique and diverse as their surroundings, BridgeCity's latest 12 song offering is both inspiring and spiritually relevant. It quickly becomes apparent with songs such as the title track, Christ Be Glorified and the re-written classic, The Old Rugged Cross (I Am Free) that there is deep-rooted conviction to write songs that resonate with the church at large and with the individual worshiper alike. Still not afraid to push the creative boundaries in modern worship, synth dominated tracks such as Face To Face and Awaken Hearts lend to the album's youthful vigor, while tracks like God You Are Good take on the pop/acoustic flair that many modern worship tunes carry today.

Track Listing:
  1. Light A Fire
  2. All That I Am
  3. Always
  4. The Old Rugged Cross (I Am Free)
  5. Depths
  6. Christ Be Glorified
  7. How We Need You Father
  8. God You Are Good
  9. Face To Face
  10. Awaken Hearts
  11. Nothing But The Blood (I'm New)
  12. Oh The Blood