Stages of the Soul

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What's holding you back from reaching your spiritual potential?

We all want a deeper, richer relationship with God, but we don't always know how to get there--or what holds us back. We long for a deeper sense of God's love, but we also fear what it might cost us to get there. We want to be fully known yet are afraid of the vulnerability it requires.

But when we understand what God's inviting us into next in our spiritual journey, it might just give us the courage we need to overcome those fears and take the next step. That's why Nancy Kane wrote this book to teach you the five stages in the soul's journey toward wholeness. It is an invitation to love God more and let His love permeate every aspect of your life. You'll learn the distinguishing marks of each stage, how to identify where you are, and what obstacles typically keep people from continuing to mature.

God's inviting you deeper. Are you willing to go with Him?