New Creation - Mac Powell

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Mac's newest solo offering, a 10-track album titled New Creation, is jam packed with rock and roll riffs, southern-drenched vocals, and praise anthems for the whole family. Lead single "River of Life" is a powerful invitation and reminder that the blood of Christ is a river of life and source of strength for all Christians to live by. "1991" is a fun autobiographical track about a life changing decision for Mac. And the title track "New Creation" ushers listeners into a spirit of praise and celebration for the new freedom we find in a life with Jesus.

Track Listing:

  1. River of Life
  2. New Creation
  3. Love Is The Reason
  4. Be Praised
  5. 1991
  6. The Creator Of It All
  7. Joy Of The Lord
  8. Jesus You Are
  9. Everlasting Arms
  10. Baptized